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M.frea (FA410U)

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M.frea (FA410U)

Our well organized 13 certificates show it reliability, and will sustain your trust on our FA series. Pls, take your time to see our brand new products ,and it would be very nice to see if you have any comment on our introduction.
FA series has market leading design, function, and qualification which meets its name value and reputation in market.

Currently, there are so many mini air purifiers, but most of AP is IONIZER only which generates negative ion only ; though it is very good for your health and environment it doesn't mean traditional and original function of AIR PURIFIER.

What is best for you as a qualified AP? Nowadays, the role of AP should include removal of dust, odor, smoke, VOCs, and even gases such as ammonia and aldehyde. In addition, M.frea gives you fresh fragrance ! That's why even mini AP does need air circulation by FAN to complete its air refresh mission. Simple IONIZER is not perfect enough to fulfill such complicated mission.

That's why we, GNS launched FA series including all required functions as a personal environment keeper.

Pls. contact us now. We will serve you as our most valued client for mutual benefit.
We are ready now.

As a leading mini air purifier and stylish robot clock series manufacturer , our products have market leading design, function, and qualification, which meets its name value and reputation in most of markets. Our history of 11 years product supply to consumer markets and care after sales shows that how much we regard importance of quality and market reputation. Personal mini air purifier, M.frea is world first 5 steps high tech filter applied brand new air purifier, which is small-80x123mm but strong. Furthermore, it has fragrance filter, which is also world first function with air purifier. With these 2 different filters you may have “Air design function” in your hand ! Our well organized 13 certificates show its reliability and will sustain your trust on our FA series. Seeing is believing ! Pls, contact now to see our valuable market-leading FA series. We promise to make your contact best choice ever you had or you will have.



GNS Tech Co.,Ltd. 

 Source of Electricity



80 x 123mm 


Estimated 250g 


Silver, Gold, Purple

 Cord Length


 Air design

 3 kinds of optional filter-deodorization/Fresh blue/Lemon


 1CBM/1hour - 3times air circulation

 Using Place

 All the places using computer (Study room, office roo, etc.)

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M-frea -FA410U-